Election Results

Thank You!

I want to thank the Zone 7 Voters for a solid endorsement of my positions on Water Quality, Strengthening Flood Control, Increasing Financial Clarity, and Expanding Water Capture & Storage.  Also, a big THANKS! to all of my Supporters; a candidate can’t do it all by herself, and this candidate was fortunate to have so much wonderful help.

I look forward to working with all the Board Members.  With the many challenges in water, I hope to be a contributing member of a strong team.  Although I don’t take office until July, I am already doing my homework and hope to hit the ground running.

Finally, I would like to thank and honor the many years of service to Zone 7 by Dick Quigley.  He leaves big shoes which I hope to fill – his legacy knowledge will be very hard to match.  Thanks for blazing the trail, your years of work are more than appreciated.


Laurene Green