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Safe and Clean Water

Delivering clean water to the Tri-Valley has become more complex than ever before.  Emerging contaminants like PFAS have infiltrated and contaminated our underground aquifer, the primary source for the Tri-Valley’s water storage.   PFAS are carcinogens and dangerous and they MUST be removed, even in low concentrations like 70 ppt.  I am aware that most residents in the Tri-Valley do not support recycled water for use as drinking water.  At this point, I have not seen data proving Potable Reuse (a.k.a. Toilet to Tap) is assured to be safe, cost effective, and has the publics confidence, so I don’t support it. There are better sources of clean drinking water.

Flood Control for Climate Variability Effects

Climate variability has put more stress on water resources and flood control.  With atmospheric rivers becoming more common, there is more work to be done to prepare for more frequent and destructive floods; this requires a more robust approach than in the past.

Water Rates and Transparency

As the water supply and quality outlook gets more complicated, transparency and rate-payer involvement becomes more necessary to make and explain sound, transparent, fiscal decisions.  Zone 7’s accounting system is complicated and lacks clarity.  This needs to change in order to offer transparent financial data to residents and water resellers.

Increase Water Capture and Storage Capabilities

 “Water-water everywhere, but not a drop to drink”; with more and longer rain events, we need to find more ways to capture and store clean water for multi-year droughts.  Clean water storage locally, plus a large water portfolio for water resources, when needed, is critical to providing water reliability to our residents year-after-year.


Clean Safe Water

Laurene knows the value of critical technical review for water quality issues. That's why she's running for this position. Help Laurene keep our water Clean and Safe.

Get Involved

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